Saturday, March 25, 2017

How to Connect VPN Mikrotik with (En)

To be able to use there are several steps that we have to do, are as follows :

  • From the results config.rsc please download the configuration file with notepad ++ open and edit the first config.rsc. For Steps : [+] Edit section Connect-to, Username, Password, [+] Adjust to the user and password that you created on the previous page [+] Connect-to =

  • After config.rsc successfully edited, copy-paste all mikrotik rule config.rsc earlier to the new terminal on your mikrotik

If you are finished you should check, to determine whether VpnDinamic connect, see in the image below:
[+] Checks on the menu there is a Mikrotik interface Symbol (R) at the interface

[+] Make sure the  menu Routing => OSPF =>

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